Hello! My name is Mattia Disisto and I’m a 3D Artist.
 I was born and raised in Reggio Emilia, a small city in the north of Italy. When I was a teenager my passion for cinema and visual art exploded so I started taking pictures and videos, for myself, friends, events, etc... I loved it! 

So I kept doing it, trying new stuff. Since I finished high school, I worked as a production assistant,
editor and videomaker but I had the feeling that I was missing something.

A few years later I took a degree in 3D production and VFX at the  Digital Arts and entertainment school where I found my true love in the 3D world, the possibility to create infinite worlds without limits. 
C4D, HoudiniFX, Adobe, and redshift are my favorite tools but I'm always open to trying and learning new tools to improve. 
Being a 3D artist is my dream job and my biggest passion and it keeps me motivated and challenged to get better every day.
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